ob欧宝娱乐app’s early childhood consulting services help to inform policies and practices. They also provide practical strategies and processes to support state and program compliance and positive outcomes for children, 家庭, 和程序.

Our team is passionate about providing meaningful solutions that improve the lives of the people that our 社区, 项目, 和机构服务.




Program models can contribute to- or detract from- achieving funding, 项目的目标, 和改进的结果.

ob欧宝娱乐app works with clients to conduct evaluations of early childhood program models and provides recommendations for 改变s to governance, 系统结构, 融资, 和政策/程序设计. Recommendations are generated based on analysis of stakeholder input, 数据范围广泛, 文学评论, and reviews of the 经验s of models in other states.



  • 差别监测和执行计划
  • 设计和促进规则制定
  • Licensure alignment with national quality standards



Organizational Assessments, Strategic Planning, and Communication Outreach

这是一个重大的挑战, 组织, 和程序 encounter is how they effectively deliver complex 项目 and services to a diverse set of stakeholders with unique goals and needs. It is essential for 组织 to have a clear strategy.

ob欧宝娱乐app’s strategy consulting is driven by ‘Sustainable Change,’ our proprietary bundle of knowledge and tools that support the growth, 改变, 组织的复兴. We help 机构 and their leaders take control of their work, 设计和执行策略, 并产生“持久的改变”.” Our experts also have 经验 in communications specific to the field of early childhood.


  • 组织评估和战略
  • 变更管理
  • Stakeholder communications strategy and campaigns



ob欧宝娱乐app supports early childhood 项目 through evaluations and continuous quality improvement reviews. Our scope of work includes qualitative and quantitative data collection, analysis, and reporting. Evaluations and reviews also include actionable recommendations for areas of improvement. In addition, we provide software testing, and federal, state, and local benchmark reporting.

Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) Support

衡量和改进质量至关重要. QRIS is intended to improve the quality of early childhood 项目 through the alignment and coordination of systemwide initiatives. ob欧宝娱乐app支持各州的QRIS计划:

  • Increase the quality of early care and education services
  • Increase parents’ understanding and demand for higher-quality early care and education
  • 增加专业发展机会, 基准, and incentives for a range of early-care and education practitioners and providers
  • Create a cross-sector framework that links standards, 技术援助, 监控, 金融, and consumer engagement for 项目 in a range of settings
  • 支持QRIS与儿童保育许可的结合, Head Start的表现标准, 国家项目认证, 早期学习指南, 以及其他的国家质量倡议


Build successful coordination across early childhood 项目, 资助者, and sectors to ensure positive outcomes for children, 家庭, 和社区. ob欧宝娱乐app可以帮助分析当地的景观, identify collaboration opportunities and barriers, and help create systems designed to support children and 家庭.


The ability of any organization to accomplish its mission depends on a knowledgeable and skilled workforce. Our team of subject matter experts are available to provide training and 技术援助 in person and/or virtually–depending on our clients’ needs and preferences.

Our training and 技术援助 cover a variety of early childhood content areas for program administration and leadership. We work closely with our clients to customize the professional development needs of states, 社区, 机构, 和组织.


Building the professional capacity of the early childhood education workforce is essential to increasing the quality of child care 项目. ob欧宝娱乐app is a proven professional development and training provider through:

  • Provider training curriculum development, implementation, and 监控
  • Professional development registry management operations
  • Management of a central repository of education, training and work 经验
  • Career lattice information and resource management
  • 老师批准
  • 提供技术援助
  • 支付和奖学金处理


ob欧宝娱乐app has 经验 and expertise in helping states to implement early childhood and school age workforce registries and evaluating the effectiveness of existing workforce registries.


  • Defining the registry framework and creating buy-in for it in the early childhood industry
  • Developing a statewide career pathway that provides a road map for early childhood professionals to advance in their careers through increasing levels of education, 经验, 证明能力, 和补偿
  • Promoting data-driven policies 和程序 for the workforce
  • Building scholarship 项目 for early educators
  • Monitoring and tracking training 机构 and trainers supporting the workforce
      • Creating better alignment of training initiatives
      • Connecting to the National Registry Alliance Partnership Eligibility Review (PER) to support involvement in data-related projects at the national level that inform policy or support quality initiatives